Game 1 Victory: 4 Thoughts & Game 2 Preview

The Minnesota Timberwolves are leading a playoff series. No, this is not fan fiction or some weird fever dream, this is real life for the 2022 Wolves. I spent the past week on vacation, arriving to my destination just before the play-in game. My worst (basketball-related) nightmare was that the Wolves would lose both play-in games while I was gone, and I would come back to the offseason. Well, not only did that not happen, but I returned home just in time to watch them stun Memphis 130–117 in game 1 of the playoffs on their home court. We need to talk about the win, and what’s coming next!

5 Thoughts on a Wolves Blowout and the Joy of a Good Team

A glance at the final score might shock Wolves fans that watched their win over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Friday night. 37 points was the difference! It certainly did not SEEM like the Wolves were routing them that terribly throughout the game as Shai Gilgeous-Alexander scored anytime he wanted and Tre Mann launched 3’s without a 2nd thought. But the Wolves just continued to play their brand of basketball and relied on their superior depth to run away with it. Here are 5 thoughts on a Wolves rout in Oklahoma.

5 Thoughts on a Wild, Wacky, Weird, Wolves Win

Whatever adjective you would like to apply to Monday night’s Wolves win over the Boston Celtics is probably appropriate. Chaotic? Absolutely. Unnerving? You betcha. Glorious? Without a doubt. One of the most fun Wolves wins of the season came on the backs of The Big Three: Jaylen Nowell, Nathan Knight, and Greg Monroe. It also came at the expense of the Boston Celtics (who were also quite shorthanded) which is always an added bonus because it riles up one of the most passionate and opinionated fanbases. Here are 5 thoughts on a Wolves victory

Wolves vs. Pacers Thoughts & Wizards Preview

The “New Wolves” got themselves a victory in their 21st game of this NBA season as they secured an above .500 record at the season’s quarter-pole for the 1st time since 2017–2018. Though there were several times that it looked like the Wolves’ absences from key players would doom them in this game, Minnesota kept fighting and eventually finished the Pacers off by a narrow margin: 100–98. Take a look at some thoughts from the Wolves Win and a preview of Wednesday’s matchup with the Washington Wizards!

Blowouts All Around & Miami Preview

After a 4 game win streak consisting of victories all by 10 or more points I am officially declaring that the Minnesota Timberwolves are back! Well for now at least. We’ll still take it day by day. The most recent victory against the New Orleans Pelicans featured yet another rousing performance by the team’s defense as they poked and prodded and generally frustrated a short-handed Pelicans team on their way to a 4th straight win. Here are 3 thoughts on the latest win and a preview of the upcoming biggest game of the season against the Miami Heat.

Wolves Blowout the Spurs: 5 Quick Thoughts

Timberwolves wins on back to back nights? In this economy? Two double digit wins I might add with the second win being the type of dominant performance we have not seen from this Wolves team this season. Minnesota led wire to wire after jumping out to an early lead finishing with a 115–90 victory. After needing 22 games to round up 6 wins last season, the Wolves won their 6th game in their 15th try this season. A modest improvement so far on last year’s dreadful campaign. Let’s recap the win with 5 thoughts on the game.

Wolves Win Quick Hitters & Spurs Preview

In the 1st game of a back to back home set for the Wolves against the Kings and Spurs, Minnesota took the front end by earning a 107–97 victory. The game was the opposite of pretty during the 1st half, but the Wolves did what they were supposed to do in the end by beating a team that is potentially headed towards a downward spiral. Here are 2 quick thoughts on the win followed by a preview of the “SEGABABA” against the Spurs!

Deflating Wolves: 5 Thoughts on a 2 Game Series

“Deflating” is the best word I have to describe the Wolves back to back games against the Zion-less Pelicans. If my Wolves fandom is a balloon it was as big as it has ever been after the season opener, but the Wolves have let the air out of it a bit after 2 straight uninspiring games. In game 1 Minnesota escaped with a win, but signs of major issues with the offense and rebounding cropped up. Those problems were highlighted in bright neon yellow during Monday night’s ugly loss. Here are 5 thoughts on the 2 game series focusing more on the 2nd game against New Orleans.

Rockets Blasted: 6 Thoughts on the Wolves Opening Win

Rejoice, Wolves fans. 1–0 is upon us. I don’t know about all of you, but I felt a little sense of anxiety leading to tip-off on Wednesday night. I had that same queasy feeling I have gotten in the past when the Wolves put up a stinker to an inferior team. Thankfully this team seems different. Karl-Anthony Towns and his band of rockstars put my mind at ease very quickly in a 124–106 rout and it was clear the Wolves were the more talented and better prepared team. With 1 game down, here are 6 thoughts on the undefeated Wolves:

7 Thoughts on the Preseason Thumping of the Clippers

Another Wolves exhibition game, another Wolves exhibition win. Minnesota continues to rattle off wins in the games that matter little, but in doing so have shown some impressive flashes of offensive execution and defensive cohesion. The Clippers were missing some of their top players including Paul George, Reggie Jackson, Marcus Morris, and Kawhi Leonard (out for a while) but they hung around to start the game. The Wolves flexed their muscles a bit in the 2nd quarter and went into halftime up 10 before grabbing a stranglehold on the contest in the 3rd to cruise to a 128–100 win. Let’s go through some thoughts on the game!

Preseason Drama: 6 Thoughts on the Wolves Win

Preseason overtime? In this economy? What an entertaining game the clash between the Wolves and Nuggets turned out to be. The 1st half was a bit of a rock fight as the teams traded runs and both scored less than 50 points. That gave way to a 2nd half with plenty of fireworks as the Nuggets caught fire and the Wolves clawed back to send it to overtime where Jaylen Nowell sent the Denver fans home sad. Here are some thoughts on preseason game #2…

Back in the Saddle: 7 Thoughts on Preseason Win #1

The Wolves are back and so are fans as they kicked off the preseason with a win over the Pelicans on Monday night. With New Orleans down a couple of their top players Minnesota socked them in the mouth in the 1st half before cruising to a closer-than-it-seemed win, 117–114. It just so happens that I was in attendance for this one, and seeing it all in person made for an incredibly enjoyable evening! Let’s take a look at 7 thoughts on the game:

The Last Dance: 5 Thoughts on the Season Finale

The 2020–2021 Timberwolves basketball season has finally come to a close. It is a bittersweet moment for fans as the difficult season ends just as their favorite team was rounding into form. The season ending spurt is a harbinger of things to come for this young team, and it was capped off with a rousing and dominating win over the playoff-bound Mavericks. The Wolves scored early and often to build a lead and never looked back as Dallas seemed disinterested in playing defense. The end result was a 136–121 win that paid off the loyal fans that have stuck around all season long. Here are 5 thoughts after the Wolves’ season finale:

4 Quarters of Brilliance From Anthony Edwards

This will not be a typical postgame write up. Don’t get me wrong, it was a special game for many reasons, but the end result gets chalked up as a loss along with many other games this season. We do not need to rehash the Wolves perimeter defense and rebounding issues that undoubtedly led to the loss. We also do not need to discuss KAT and DLo who had OK games offensively, or Ja Morant who was incredible in his own right. No, the story of tonight was the explosively mesmerizing 19 year old who dominated stretches of the game as only superstars can. This game was about the 4 Quarters of Brilliance authored by Anthony Edwards.

4 Thoughts on the Wolves 4th Straight Win

Maybe the Wolves have decided to never lose again? What a novel concept! Seriously, last night was a good example of a team that is clicking vs. a team that is mentally and physically exhausted. For once, the Wolves were the team that was clicking! The Wolves beating Golden State is sweet enough on its own, but beating them by 12 and mainly controlling the entire game was a different type of satisfaction. Minnesota was the more well-rounded and focused team last night, and while their wins mean very little in the standings it is great to see that they are capable of such performances. After a fun win, and their 4th in a row, here are 4 thoughts on the Wolves win over the Warriors.

Wolves Go Streaking: 3 Big Picture Thoughts

That’s what they call a winning streak. It has not been seen around here in a few months, but it appears the Wolves remembered how to do it! If only they could play the Jazz every night. In all seriousness, there is something real going on with this Wolves team right now. Little micro-improvements are happening all over the roster, and the catalyst for all of it may be the new head coach who is finally able to get his feet under him in this unprecedented season. We are not ready to proclaim the Wolves as the “next big thing” in the NBA, but if any of these good vibes sustain through the end of the season it may portend big things for the coming years. Here are 3 thoughts on what it all means for the Wolves in the future:

5 Big Thoughts on the Wolves Big Win

How many Western Conference teams can say that they have more wins against the Utah Jazz than they do against the Oklahoma City Thunder or Houston Rockets? It would not seem there are many others. Somehow the Wolves are 2–0 in Utah this season, a place where only two other teams have beaten them in the 20–21 NBA season. The season continues to “stay weird” for the Wolves, but the fans will not complain about a fun game that saw the Wolves lock down on defense for 3 quarters after a terrible start to come out on top. Here are 5 big thoughts on a big win:

No Sweat: Thoughts on the Wolves Win Over the Heat

I wonder what it feels like to lose to the Miami Heat. Somehow, of all teams, the Wolves have not lost to Miami since 2017. Even more fun is the fact that the Wolves have won the last 2 head to head matchups with Jimmy Butler while he has had vastly superior teams (and not 3rd stringers), and Karl-Anthony Towns got his 1st win over Butler in games where they both played since JB left town a couple of years ago. All of these side stories do not really matter in the long run, but they certainly made a rousing 119–111 victory over Miami more enjoyable, and some of the performances in the game may mean something for the future of the Wolves. Here are 5 thoughts on a big Wolves win:

King Me: Wolves Take Down the Kings 116–106

The long awaited return of D’Angelo Russell turned out to be worth the delay. Much like Karl-Anthony Towns’ surprise return just hours before a game a couple of months ago, Russell seemed to be feeling well enough to get back out there right before the game against the Kings. After staying even with Sacramento for 3 quarters, the Wolves pulled away with a big closing kick from DLo in the 4th quarter to seal a win and get some good vibes injected into the point guard’s return. After another encouraging win, here are 5 thoughts on the game against the Kings!

Down Goes Thibs: Thoughts on the Wolves Win

The Wolves narrowly escaped Target Center with a 102–101 win that will surely have Knicks fans lamenting their team’s performance down the stretch. Finding themselves in another early hole, the Wolves fought back and trailed only by 1 at halftime. Then they found themselves with a double digit deficit again early in the 4th quarter before entrusting Anthony Edwards to lead the comeback. Here are 5 thoughts on a rousing win for the Wolves and a spoiled Target Center return for Tom Thibodeau.

5 Thoughts on a Wolves Loss to the Nets

The Wolves took another loss on Monday night to the mighty Brooklyn Nets, but that did not stop this game from being one of the most fun viewing experiences for Wolves fans so far this season. Minnesota fought back after falling into an early hole, and the youngest players on the team showed out opposite some of the games biggest stars in Kyrie Irving and James Harden. Here are 5 thoughts on a 5 point loss in Brooklyn:

We Deserved This: 3 Thoughts on a Wolves Stunner

Who saw that one coming? Most Wolves fans probably did not as the Suns took a 15 point lead in the 3rd quarter. We have seen that movie many times this year. The shorthanded Wolves hang around with a superior team until the 3rd quarter when the opposition decides to turn it on. The Suns did just that in bursting out to a lead, but then something peculiar happened. The Wolves fought back. Specifically, Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns went to work in willing their team to victory with a pair of 40+ point games. A feel-good win against one of the league’s best teams is exactly what this team and fanbase needed.

Joyful Wolves: 5 Thoughts on a Series Split

Two out of three ain’t bad! The Minnesota Timberwolves have won 2 out of their first 3 games since the All Star break, and played very competitively in their lone loss against the Blazers. A 2 point win last night against the Blazers again keeps the good vibes going, and offers a nice springboard into the 2nd half of the season. Here are 5 thoughts on the 2 game series with the Portland Trailblazers.

Winning Wolves: 6 Thoughts on a Blowout in New Orleans

Where did that come from? A 135–105 shellacking of the Pelicans certainly boosted the spirits of Wolves fans everywhere, and started the 2nd half of the season with good vibes. Minnesota was down by double digits in record time as they worked their way back from the All Star break, but when they decided to show up they took over the game in a way that fans have not seen yet this season.

Wolves Back to Back Observations

The Wolves returned home from a road trip to the East coast and their reward was a mid-week back to back set against the Lakers and Pacers. Winning at least one of those games would have been nice, but the games included some very interesting developments for the future of the team. Here are 5 observations from the back to back against LA and Indiana.

5 Thoughts on the Roller Coaster Timberwolves

For the 2nd straight game, the Wolves helped their opponent build a 20+ point lead in the 1st half thanks to poor offense and lifeless defense. And for the 2nd straight game the Wolves made a furious comeback that fell just short. Although the Wolves outscored Dallas in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarters, they were handed another loss. Here are 5 thoughts on the up and down loss to the Mavericks:

Wolves Thoughts: Big Picture After Another Series Split

The pair of back to back games in Oklahoma City featured the downtrodden Wolves against the injury decimated Thunder. Minnesota was coming off of one of the most disheartening losses of the season against San Antonio, and OKC was missing some of their best players in each game. This led to two close results with each team winning one. Here are our 3 “big picture” thoughts on where the Wolves go from here:

5 Thoughts on the Wolves Overtime Loss to the Spurs

A real competitive NBA game took place with the Wolves losing in overtime to the San Antonio Spurs. Out of context, this loss looks like a 7th straight loss in a season that is heading the wrong direction. In context this game was a breath of fresh air for Wolves fans who have watched the team struggle to compete in 6 previous disheartening losses. With Karl-Anthony Towns back in the lineup, we can get back to real analysis of the team. Here are 5 thoughts on the Wolves loss.

So Close Yet So Far: 8 Thoughts on the Wolves Loss to the Nuggets

This game was certainly different than the last three blowout losses. The Wolves actually took a lead into the 4th quarter before getting stonewalled during a massive Denver run to put the game away. Technically the Wolves are getting better, as they have lasted progressively longer in each of these past 4 losses before getting blown out in the end. Because this was a normal competitive basketball contest, we have real observations and takeaways from the vast majority of the game! Here are 10 thoughts on the 124–109 Wolves loss to the Nuggets.

6 Thoughts on a 3rd Straight Wolves Blowout Loss

It happened again. After getting beat down in Los Angeles by two of the best teams in the league, Wolves fans assumed a competitive game was in their future with a winless Wizards team coming to Target Center on the 2nd night of a back to back. We were wrong. The KAT-less Wolves continue to lack identity on both ends of the floor, and they will need to implement a fix quickly to avoid the same fate against Denver. Here are 6 thoughts on the loss to the Wizards.

7 Positive Thoughts on the Wolves Blowout Loss to the Clippers

It is too early in the season for Wolves fans to panic. The team has looked rough in their past two outings, but they have played on the road against two of the best teams in the NBA. They are missing the heart and soul of their team, so patience is needed. Believe it or not, there are positives to take from their most recent 124–101 loss. Here are my positive thoughts after the game.

1st Loss of the Wolves Season: 6 Thoughts

The good vibes surrounding the Timberwolves could not last forever. Prior to the Lakers game it sounded like Karl-Anthony Towns escaped serious injury, and the defending champions would be without Anthony Davis. Going 3–0 to start the year was suddenly a real option. Then Towns found out his injury will require him to miss at least a few games, and that led to a deflating loss in Los Angeles. The Lakers clearly had the talent and chemistry to beat the Wolves into submission fairly easily. Here are 6 thoughts on the loss.

Quick Hitters: 10 Thoughts on the Timberwolves 1st Preseason Game

The Minnesota Timberwolves played a real live game for the first time in over 9 months. Even though it was a preseason loss, it was still a surreal experience to see our favorite team back on the court together. After the extended time off and speculation on the lineups and how certain players will fit together, we are finally able to write and read about what the team looked like on an NBA court. Here are ten observations from the first Preseason game.