If NBA Players Formed a Professional Football Team…

Sep 8, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Miami Heat guard LeBron James throws a football on the sidelines of the game between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA is the most exhilarating sport to watch because it takes the largest, longest, and some of the most athletic people in the world and stuffs them on to a small 94′ by 50′ court and asks them to run and jump back and forth 100 times per game. The players continually stretch the limits of what the human body is capable of. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see these amazing athletes playing a sport other than basketball? What could they do when allowed to compete on a giant field in a much more physical sport like football. To try to answer that question, we have constructed the greatest football team possible using only current NBA Players.

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Jaden McDaniels No Matter What

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Jaden McDaniels has been thrown into trade rumors surrounding Ben Simmons and other NBA stars this offseason. The 6’9″ wing/forward is coming off of a stellar rookie campaign where he rose through the ranks to become a full time starter after beginning the season firmly planted at the end of the bench. His value as a defender and floor-spacing shooter mixed with his size and length became too much to ignore as he blossomed into a 2-way force at just 20 years old. We do not yet know what he could be, but he has the outline of one of the most important player archetypes in the league. The Wolves should not be so keen to send him away.

The Chronicles of a Rookie Year

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When was the last time a Timberwolves rookie made you jump out of your seat at least once a game? When was the last time a Timberwolves rookie was a feared defender instead of shark bait for opposing stars? When was the last time you felt this strongly about a pair of Timberwolves rookies reaching stardom together?

8 Teams That Could Trade For Malik Beasley

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Malik Beasley’s fit on the 2021–2022 Timberwolves and beyond is a bit of a hot-button topic for fans across Wolves nation. Many believe the flame throwing scorer is the key component to an elite offense next season, while others believe he could be traded right away to fetch a player that better fits the core of Anthony Edwards, D’Angelo Russell, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Jaden McDaniels. Regardless of what you think about his future with the team, the fact is Malik Beasley is a good young offensive player and is on a solid contract. He could be a target of other teams around the league that are in need of 3 point firepower who may sense a “buy low” opportunity with Malik. So who are the teams that could potentially make a call on Malik, and what could they offer that would tempt the Wolves to pull the trigger? Let’s find out!

Time for the Wolves to Hit the Gas Pedal

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The NBA Draft Lottery has come and gone and like so many lotteries of the past our Minnesota Timberwolves were not lucky enough to hit the jackpot. This year’s drawing was different in that it carried an extra level of drama with the likely outcome of losing the pick versus the small chance of landing a highly regarded prospect. In the end it seems Wolves fans are moderately disappointed in the result of sending the 7th pick to the Warriors, but are not discouraged and continue to carry the good vibes fostered by the team to end the season. With the draft order set, the offseason becomes much more clear for Minnesota. It is time to hit the gas pedal on the “Post-Thibs” rebuild.

If the Timberwolves Get the…

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What will happen in each scenario on draft lottery night? We lay out what the Wolves should do in each situation and the dominos that will fall because of it.

Offseason Wish List for each Timberwolves Player


The 2020–2021 Minnesota Timberwolves are finished. We hope to look back on this past disjointed season as the start of a run of fun and competitive basketball here in the North, but for now we must move forward. Heading into the 2021–2022 season the Wolves absolutely need to improve in many areas, but have little in the way of cap space and (likely) draft assets to do so. The most significant improvement will need to happen internally in the development of their current roster. So, we will take a look at the top priority for each Wolves player’s positive development through the 2021 offseason. Each player under contract for 21–22 will be included, and we will add Jarred Vanderbilt as I believe he is likely to be resigned. Here we go!

The 3 Major Timberwolves Lottery Scenarios

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The end of the 20-21 NBA regular season has arrived and so begins the annual anxiety and nervousness as Wolves fans await the NBA Draft Lottery on June 22nd. This season’s lottery carries additional weight with the Wolves owing their pick to the Golden State Warriors if it lands anywhere outside the top 3 slots. Timberwolves games are completed for the year, so it is time to examine the 3 major scenarios that could occur for the Wolves, their odds of happening, and how Wolves fans may feel about them.

The Last Dance: 5 Thoughts on the Season Finale

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The 2020–2021 Timberwolves basketball season has finally come to a close. It is a bittersweet moment for fans as the difficult season ends just as their favorite team was rounding into form. The season ending spurt is a harbinger of things to come for this young team, and it was capped off with a rousing and dominating win over the playoff-bound Mavericks. The Wolves scored early and often to build a lead and never looked back as Dallas seemed disinterested in playing defense. The end result was a 136–121 win that paid off the loyal fans that have stuck around all season long. Here are 5 thoughts after the Wolves’ season finale:

4 Quarters of Brilliance From Anthony Edwards

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This will not be a typical postgame write up. Don’t get me wrong, it was a special game for many reasons, but the end result gets chalked up as a loss along with many other games this season. We do not need to rehash the Wolves perimeter defense and rebounding issues that undoubtedly led to the loss. We also do not need to discuss KAT and DLo who had OK games offensively, or Ja Morant who was incredible in his own right. No, the story of tonight was the explosively mesmerizing 19 year old who dominated stretches of the game as only superstars can. This game was about the 4 Quarters of Brilliance authored by Anthony Edwards.