If NBA Players Formed a Professional Football Team…

The NBA is the most exhilarating sport to watch because it takes the largest, longest, and some of the most athletic people in the world and stuffs them on to a small 94′ by 50′ court and asks them to run and jump back and forth 100 times per game. The players continually stretch the limits of what the human body is capable of. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see these amazing athletes playing a sport other than basketball? What could they do when allowed to compete on a giant field in a much more physical sport like football. To try to answer that question, we have constructed the greatest football team possible using only current NBA Players.


The Last Dance: 5 Thoughts on the Season Finale

The 2020–2021 Timberwolves basketball season has finally come to a close. It is a bittersweet moment for fans as the difficult season ends just as their favorite team was rounding into form. The season ending spurt is a harbinger of things to come for this young team, and it was capped off with a rousing and dominating win over the playoff-bound Mavericks. The Wolves scored early and often to build a lead and never looked back as Dallas seemed disinterested in playing defense. The end result was a 136–121 win that paid off the loyal fans that have stuck around all season long. Here are 5 thoughts after the Wolves’ season finale:

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