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Searching for the Ceiling: Jaden McDaniels

The “Searching for the Ceiling” series will examine Timberwolves young players one at a time analyzing what their best case outcome could be as they continue to develop in the league. Each player’s “ceiling” will be compared to a current veteran in the league, and if they reach the level of that current player they will have reached what I believe to be their best case outcome. Each Timberwolves player will have “ceiling” comparison on offense and on defense. The first and second installments in the series covered Jaylen Nowell and Naz Reid. Next up we have the rookie defensive ace, Jaden McDaniels.

4 Quarters of Brilliance From Anthony Edwards

This will not be a typical postgame write up. Don’t get me wrong, it was a special game for many reasons, but the end result gets chalked up as a loss along with many other games this season. We do not need to rehash the Wolves perimeter defense and rebounding issues that undoubtedly led to the loss. We also do not need to discuss KAT and DLo who had OK games offensively, or Ja Morant who was incredible in his own right. No, the story of tonight was the explosively mesmerizing 19 year old who dominated stretches of the game as only superstars can. This game was about the 4 Quarters of Brilliance authored by Anthony Edwards.